Easier than ever.

KIASU app is very intuitive, simple and easy to use. And it is absolutely free!

KIASU app, the best friend of your Kiasu Tag


Download the KIASU app, create your personal account and become a member of the Community. It’s free and always will be!


Link your Kiasu Tag to your account. This is a very simple process where you can add a name and a photo to each KIASU.


Set your preferences and let KIASU help you.

Link & Activate your Kiasu Tag

  • Place your Kiasu Tag next to your smartphone.
  • Firmly press the U button on the Kiasu logo. (you will see three flashlights on the S)
  • Open the app and press Add a Kiasu button.
  • Add a picture and name it.
  • Save it!
  • Now that is linked, just press again the U button again to activate it.

Set up the Kiasu Community

  • Go to account settings
  • Activate your Kiasu network
  • Enjoy the benefits of being a member of the Community

Customize your parameters

  • Go to your Kiasu settings.
  • Edit your Kiasu’s information.
  • Setup perimetral notifications.
  • Manage shared users.
  • Done!

Kiasu app requires an Android and Apple iOS device with Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 (BLE)

Supported Apple devices using iOS 7 or later

iPhone 4s o later
iPod Touch
iPad 3rd Gen. or later
iPad Mini

Supported Android devices using 4.4 or later

Samsung Galaxy S5 or later
Samsung Note 4
OnePlus One
Motorola Moto X
HTC One M8
LG Nexus 4 or later

Other Android devices using Android 4.4 and Bluetooth 4.0 should work fine, but we can not ensure it at the same level. If any problem, please contact our support team to help you solve it.



How tiny it is? 4cm x 6cm (1.57 x 2.36 inches)
How thick it is? 5mm (0.19 inches)
Which battery uses? CR2032
And its battery Life? Between a year and two depending on its use
Wireless communication? Bluetooth Low Energy / Near Feel Contact
Signal Range: Up to 50 meters in open space
Crowd GPS Range: World Wide

Kiasu devices work with a wireless technology called Bluetooth Low Energy. It does not communicate through a GPS signal or Wi-Fi. Bluetooth range changes depending on the environment and other external causes.

See more about Bluetooth Technology.

Kiasu also uses Crowd GPS as an alternative system to the old GPS signal, avoiding its high energy consumption and telecom fees. Every smartphone is a GPS device, and this new system allows us to take advantatge of it and create a great network. Other user’s phones will identify your Kiasu’s unique ID and send its current location to our servers. Not even the sender will be aware of that. This is an anonymous, automatic and effortless process for the users. There’s no need to be using the app, this can be running in the background (our engineers have minimized the battery drain of your phone).

In addition, Kiasu has created a system to build up your own network for each Kiasu device linked to you account. It is called Shared Users, and this helps you to create a reliable network where it really matters to you.

The system created with emergency information on the label is very useful for situations where the rescuer does not have the KIASU app to automatically report the position. Bringing any device with NFC reader until touching the label, you can see the information the user has chosen to save in it. Most Android devices have NFC reader technology enabled.

The label com without any information, the user has the option to save the information which is considered important in case of loss or emergency, either a contact telephone number or further information with certain relevant aspects such as allergies, blood type, etc..

See more about Near Feel Contact technology.

A very SMALL solution for a BIG problem.