Infinite Ways to use it


On the beach

Believe it or not, thousands of children get lost every year on the beach. And unfortunately this is increasing every year. We have created a tool where you can create a perimeter area around you. You can set a maximum distance and your phone will start beeping if they go further.

Crowded places

Kiasu app will alert you if your loved ones are getting to far from you and there’s a risk to lose them. But if the worst happens, you can set it as “Lost” and the Kiasu Community around you, will automatically help you to find them in a easier and faster way. World is better when we help each other.



There is a moment when the little ones start going alone to school. Kiasu sends you automatic notifications when they get there for your peace of mind.

Shopping malls

We all know how many distractions there are in a shopping centers, lots of lights, people, many corridors, different floors and a few way out from the shopping. Ask in their information point if their employees are using Kiasu platform to help you find your kids if this happens. It is completely free for them!


A very SMALL solution for a BIG problem.