Last Sunday 28th at 8:15 p.m., the TV program Generació Digital has broadcasted a REPORT about the pilot test we are doing of Kiasu School solution in a primary school in Sant Cugat, a town near Barcelona.

The objective of this initiative is to provide more safety in school routes to promote greater autonomy of children in our towns and cities, as well as greater peace of mind for families. We all know that schools play a very important role in our society accompanying our sons and daughters, now with this system schools can help further to create a very positive social impact also on their mobility outside the center.

Kiasu Tag allows parents to transform any piece of clothing into smart clothes connected to their mobile. In this case the school backpacks are the chosen complement, since it is used daily by the children in their routine passage to the school of the neighborhood.

We continue to work to market this solution shortly to encourage and help to all parents with children who can start to moving alone on their way to school.

In this link you can see the program number 205 of Generació Digital. (Catalan)