Some time ago, we showed to the renowned inventor Mr. Pep Torres, our prototypes of kiasu. Pep showed great sympathy for the project that we are developing, and confessed that in his restless mind also inhabited the idea of something similar.

Pep is also the CEO and founder of Miba (Museum of ideas & inventions Barcelona), so he quickly put himself at our disposal to help us in whatever was needed, reminding us that the Miba is much more than a museum where objects are exhibited, it is a meeting and inspirational place for all those people who promote or want to promote innovation at all levels.

Currently, the museum houses a collection of objects under the name #righttothefuture, where you can see inventions (products and concepts) that at first glance may seem things of the future, but actually some of those products are already making their way into our day to day, even if we do not realize it.

Kiasu has exposed a prototype in this exhibition, and we are very proud to show to everyone our product. We hope that very soon we can be not only in a beautiful glass case of a museum, but also helping people in their daily lives through smart clothes Kiasu.

Thank you very much for your support. Let’s continue working!