Creation of safe school routes is an emerging trend in all modern societies, so many cities begin to create programs to enhance them and make our towns and cities a more Kids Friendly place.

The aim of these initiatives is to offer more security and autonomy to the children as well as greater confidence and tranquility to their families, promoting the use of public transport or simply walking to the school. Avoiding at the same time the concern of the parents to know if their children have arrived without any setback.

Also the schools can have an important roll in this, helping in a very simple and free way to generate a very positive social impact in their environment.


Kiasu has developed small fixed receivers connected to the global platform. This tool makes possible to the schools to offer complementary services to parents who use the Kiasu smart tag, for example in the backpacks of their children.

The process is very simple, as soon as the child arrives at school, his backpack will connect with the school, and automatically the school will notify parents that their child has arrived without any problems.

These receivers are a plug and play solution, without any installation cost added. The receiver only needs to be plugged in and connected to the school’s wifi. That’s all.

Offering this service from the schools is completely free, if they have a minimum of 10 students using the Kiasu Tag in their school.

The schools interested in offering this service to their students, can fill out the form and Kiasu will contact to resolve any doubt.