We started to test Kiasu School in real use situation!

Kiasu School is a project oriented to facilitate greater autonomy and mobility of children in our towns and cities, encouraging for example that they can make routine journeys such as going to school by themselves using public transport or walking. The purpose is to provide a technological tool for parents to provide more peace of mind and avoid worrying about whether they have arrived or not.

The pilot test is carried out at Collserola School in Sant Cugat, thanks to the school management and to the collaboration of parents with children in 5th and 6th grade.

This test is aimed at validating the localization system and automatic notifications. It allows us to find and solve errors impossible to detect in a controlled environment and to be able to continue moving towards the commercialization of this solution.

Basically, the system works with Kiasu Tags, which will automatically connect with the school when the child arrives. Through a hotspot, the school itself will automatically notify parents that their child has arrived without any setback.

With Kiasu Tag parents can transform any backpack into a smart backpack that connects with their school. This service offered from the school, not only provides a greater tranquility to the parents, but in turn creates a positive social impact favoring the autonomy of the infants by our cities.