Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list some of the most common questions about KIASU platform and Kiasu Tag.

  • Is it a tracking system?

    No, the purpose of KIASU is not to save and display the entire journey of Kiasu Tag user’s position, to control them permanently. KIASU functions are aimed at providing an extra tranquility and security when it is necessary. Creating security perimeters around you, showing the most recent position found if they get lost, or showing emergency information stored in it. But never showing the record of its entire journey.

  • Where can I use it?

    KIASU is designed to be used anywhere in the world, it is not necessary to hire local operators when traveling. Kiasu Tag is directly connected to your phone with Bluetooth, also containing emergency information can be read by any device with NFC, such as an smartphone even without internet connection. The only function which requires internet access is the community network.

  • What is the lifetime of the Kiasu Tag?

    After much work, we have designed a product capable of withstanding for a year without recharging the batteries. However, we have enabled power management from the app in order to control their consumption and increase their life until almost 2 years.

  • Ok, but what about my phone’s battery when using it?

    Due to code optimization and the use of Bluetooth Low Energy technology, battery consumption on your mobile will not be practically affected, you will not notice any significant difference.

  • Why don’t you add a GPS module to Kiasu?

    We are surrounded by GPS devices, every smartphone has a GPS module. So why not take advantage of it and avoid its important drawbacks? We have focused on creating a product with high connectivity using the existing mobile network, saving high costs and battery consumption.

  • Why there is no monthly fee?

    No, Kiasu Tag does not incorporate any SIM card on its hardware so that it requires no contract with telephone operators. Making Kiasu Tag a product free of monthly fees.

  • Can other users see my kid’s location?

    No, the other mobile phone users only recognize the unique ID number of your Kiasu Tag and send it to our platform, but not the information you have stored in your profile. This is an automatic and anonymous process, not even the user is aware of it. The location of a specific Kiasu Tag may only be seen by “shared users” you have enabled before.

  • Who can see the emergency information stored on Kiasu Tag?

    This function is aimed to allow the access to important information to the person who provide the first aids or help, such as a contact telephone number, blood group or allergies, to anyone that can help or assist the user of the label in an emergency.
    To capture this information, they have to place any NFC device (e.g. a smartphone) on top of the label and automatically will appear on their screen, even if they do not have downloaded the KIASU app.


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