Last September, the winners of the Intel Modern Code Challenge (the Intel Modern Code Developer Challenge ) went to Geneva to visit CERN. During our visit at CERN we have been able to meet important scientists and have visited some of the most pioneering laboratories in the world, including those belonging to the ATLAS and CMS experiments, the antimatter factory and the data centre among others.

We were able to meet some members of CERN OpenLab who gave us several talks to explain their work at CERN, the technologies and techniques they use to develop their tasks, and the problems they encounter and will find in the future. Some of these problems are directly related to the work we did during the competition: optimizing and updating the code of the systems used to make better use of the resources available to them.

All the CERN people we have had contact with have been very friendly and close, and especially our colleague and representative of Intel: Russ Beutler, who has treated us especially well and has taken great care of us. In short it has been a great experience full of curiosities, lots of information and good times.

Official CERN article